Updated Full Day Kindergarten as of January 30, 2012 *Updates*

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that we have updated information regarding the potential of implementing a Full Day Kindergarten Program. In order to accomplish this boundary lines in the five elementary schools must be adjusted.

The links below contain the districts latest thinking on the implementation of a full day kindergarten program in Cumberland.

The intent in our process has been to share information with the public as it becomes available.

To this end, you will find below an updated school boundaries map (draft 3). You will also find a breakdown of classrooms by school.

Lastly you will find a street listing with the respected boundaries.

Please keep in mind the development of these new boundaries are a complex and fluid process. The information here until finalized is subject to change.

Over the course of this next month the school committee will be taking up a public discussion on the potential of implementing full day kindergarten for the fall of 2012.