Summer Reading and Summer Assignments

Summer Reading


All students entering grade 9 are required to complete the 9th grade packet listed below.  Students in grades 10-12 must complete the summer reading and assignment listed below.  Students taking AP Literature and Composition or AP Language or Composition must complete the summer reading assignment for the respective class.

Social Studies

All students enrolled in a social studies class next year are required to complete summer reading.  Please review the packet at the bottom of the page for the required texts for the classes in which you are enrolled.  

  • If you are taking an AP Course you must complete the assignment

  • If you are taking multiple AP courses you need to complete the assignment for ONE course. ​

  • If you are taking a Full Year Course and a Semester Course you must complete the assignment for the Full Year Course


Students who are scheduled for AP Chemistry will be contacted by the AP Chemistry teacher over the summer with your assignment.

World Language

Students entering levels 2 and 3 should review and complete the packets listed below.  The packets will review topics that have you have covered during your previous language classes as well as introduce some new topics you will be learning next year.  You must complete the review packet and hand your answer sheet into your language teacher by Friday, September 13th,  2013.  This review packet will count as a project grade for first quarter next year.

​VHS Courses


​Some VHS courses have recommended- not required- summer reading.  If you are taking a VHS course next year please visit and check the Course Catalog to see if your course has any summer reading assignments.


All students taking a math course next year are required to complete one of the math packets listed at the bottom of this page.  Math packets must be completed in their entirety and are due the second day of school.  This assignment will be included in your first quarter grade.

  • ​Assignment A= Students entering Algebra 1 (all levels)

  • ​Assignment B= Students who completed Algebra 1 (all levels)

  • ​Assignment C= Students who completed Geometry (all levels)

  • ​Assignment D= Students who completed Algebra 2 (all levels)

  • ​Assignment E= Students who completed Pre-Calculus (all levels)

                                          Math Assignment Rubric








All problems have
been completed. It is
clear that the student
attempted every

Most problems have
been completed.

Some problems have
been completed.

Few problems have
been completed.

No problems have
been completed.

Student Work

Student work is
thorough, clear, and
legible for all
problems. Student
included all relevant

Student work is clear
and legible for
completed problems.
Student included
relevant diagrams.

Student shows an
adequate amount of
work for each
problem and it is
legible. Student
included some
relevant diagrams.

Student shows some
work, but it is
inadequate. Student
did not include
relevant diagrams.

Student does not
show any work.


18 – 20 problems are

16-17 problems are

14 – 15 problems are

10-13 problems are

Less than 10
problems are correct.