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CHS School Counselors are a family’s number one resource for high school, college, and career planning.  We are available via email, phone, and scheduled appointments.

K-12 School Counseling Coordinator
Rhonda J. Dion 
suzanne [dot] durkin [at] cumberlandschools [dot] org (Sue Durkin, ext. 20)2

School Counselors

Counselor Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
james [dot] connor [at] cumberlandschools [dot] org (Mr. Connor, ext. 204) A-Co A-Dec A-Chap A-C, Ti-Tri
julie [dot] butler [at] cumberlandschools [dot] org (Ms. Butler, ext. 20)7 Cot-Hend Ded-Hoa Char-Gi H-L, Tru-Wh
tracey [dot] iwuc [at] cumberlandschools [dot] org (Ms. Iwuc, ext. 20)8 Henr-McK Hob-McD Gil-Lo Pr-Th
andrew [dot] barry [at] cumberlandschools [dot] org (Mr. Barry, ext. 205) McL-R McF-Sant Lop-Ram M-Po
michelle [dot] fournier [at] cumberlandschools [dot] org (Ms. Fournier, ext. 206) S-Z Sau-Z Ran-Z D-G, Wi-Z
School Psychologist
stephanie [dot] york [at] cumberlandschools [dot] org (Ms)stephanie [dot] york [at] cumberlandschools [dot] org (. Grimm, ext. 250)
School Social Worker
james [dot] alix [at] cumberlandschools [dot] org (Mr. Alix, ext. 210)
Student Assistance Counselor
christine [dot] bandoni [at] cumberlandschools [dot] org (Ms. Bandoni, ext. 228)
About the School Counselors

All counselors hold at least a Masters Degree and have completed graduate coursework in the various aspects of counseling including, Psychological and Educational Assessment, Vocational Counseling, Pupil Personnel Service, and Counseling Techniques.  Counselors are members of the American School Counselor Association and Rhode Island School Counselor Association.  With regular participation in professional development opportunities, CHS counselors are able to stay up to date on the latest trends in school counseling and college admissions.  Additionally, counselors participate on a number of teams to assist students including Teacher Support Team, Special Educational Evaluation Team, Business Advisory Board, and PBIS.

Role of the Counselor

School Counselors collaborate with students, parents, teachers, administrators, and outside agencies to assist students in their academic, career, and social/emotional development.

Individual Student Planning to address:
Goal Setting
Academic Plans
Career Plans
Problem Solving
Transition Plans
Response Services offered as needed for:
Individual Counseling
Social/Emotional Support
Referrals to other CHS Support Staff including the School Psychologist,
School Social Worker, and Student Assistance Counselor
Referrals to community resources
Crisis intervention

Delivery of Services

Most student planning will be accomplished through individual, small group, or classroom guidance sessions.  Students are encouraged to see their counselor at any point in their high school career.  Students are able to sign up on their counselor’s clipboard if they are seeking an appointment.

Individual parent meetings are held upon request.  Parents may contact the counselor to arrange a time to meet individually or with their child’s teachers.

Students and parents may check academic progress at any time during the year by accessing their Student Portal or Family Portal accounts through Aspen