John J. McLaughlin Cumberland Hill School

205 Manville Hill Road
Cumberland, RI 02864
Tel: (401) 658-1660 / Fax (401) 658-0046
Elizabeth Coogan, Principal
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Our Mission Statement

The John J. McLaughlin Cumberland Hill School will provide a foundation of education and citizenship that encourages/motivates every child to pursue the joys of lifelong learning and service to others.


Our Beliefs

We believe

  • All students have the ability to learn and achieve.
  • That a safe and secure school is the best environment for teaching and learning.
  • It is necessary for students and staff to feel supported and be encouraged to take risks in their learning.
  • School, parents and community are partners in providing opportunities for students to become responsible citizens.
  • Decision making is a shared endeavor among partners.
  • Emerging technologies and supporting resources should be available to the entire learning community.
  • The school should model a learning environment using clear expectations that support the achievement of high standards.


Vision Statement

         John J. McLaughlin Cumberland Hill School will be a place where students, staff, parents, and community collaborate to accomplish our mission.  The school atmosphere will foster a positive environment for learning and teaching.

        This school community will be a center for sharing knowledge, experiences, values, and goals. The learning atmosphere will be defined by mutual respect and consideration. To complement their learning styles, students will experience curriculum through differentiated instruction. Lessons will be relevant to the ever-changing world in which we live.

        Students, staff and parents will be responsible for being active participants in the educational process. All will be encouraged and supported in their efforts to achieve their best.  The school will provide a wealth of opportunities for additional research, enrichment activities, and creative projects.