Cumberland School Department Looks to the Future

School officials seeking community input as they develop three-year plan

The Cumberland School Department is developing a new District Strategic Plan. This plan will outline where we as a school department are headed, what we value, and what we want to accomplish. The plan will be developed during the 2016-2017 school year.  Dr. Peter Langton, a Cumberland resident, will be coordinating the planning and development of our strategic plan. As we chart our course for the coming years, it is important that we have input from the community. We want to provide all residents with the opportunity to participate in this process.
If you are interested in having a voice in the future of our schools, please provide your contact information on the form below.  You will be contacted by Dr. Langton and he will provide information about the process, when meetings will take place and answer any questions you may have.  Click here for the participation form.
As we move forward, please check back on our website or to the Cumberland School Department facebook page for more information and updates on this process and our progress.. 
Thank you for your interest in participating in this project.
Robert "Bob" Mitchell
Cumberland School Department