B.F. Norton's Kristen Costa is Cumberland's Teacher of the Year

In front of a classroom of cheering students and jubilant colleagues, Superintendent Robert Mitchell surprised Kristen Costa with the announcement that she is Cumberland's 2018 Teacher of the Year. 
"Kristen Costa, in my opinion, epitomizes the quintessential teacher in our community," Mr. Mitchell said. "She's dedicated. She works tirelessly in the best interest of her students and she knows how to push them to find their own personal level of success." 
Ms. Costa was selected out of more than 400 teachers in the Cumberland School Department for this year's recognition. 
As those who nominated her stated, 'Kristen celebrates the small successes of each student as she is working to help students realize that their hard work is paying off as well as to help them see their potential. She makes every effort to work with grade level teachers to provide students with as much inclusion time as possible."
Ms. Costa is a special educator in B.F. Norton's  "Success" program for students in grades K-2. A graduate of Rhode Island College, she has a bachelor's of science in elementary and special education and has been a member of the Cumberland School Department since 2006. 
"Kristen is passionate about teaching students to identify and regulate their emotions. She helped bring an emotion regulation curriculum to the school and created an evening parent training to help parents uses similar evidence based strategies at home. Her devotion to her students is remarkable. She has been available to help families after hours, on weekends, and before school. Kristen created parent training opportunities, is in constant communication with families, and collaborates with outside providers regarding ways to improve student behavior. 
Her nomination letter states "Kristen creates a collaborative working environment that utilizes the strengths of those working with her. Her colleagues look to her to understand behavior, guide interventions, and support them in helping students in need. She has modeled best practices and strategies for new staff both inside and outside of the Success program, while she continues to hone in on her own professional growth."