Ashton Policies & Procedures



School website:  Visit us at
Phone Numbers:
  • ​Main Office Number: 333-0554
  • Nurse's Office Number:  334-2351
  • Guidance Office Number:  334-2350
  • Fax Number:  334-1811
  • Bus Company:  334-3745
  • Principal: Nidia  Karbonik
  • School Secretary: Karen Egan
  • School Nurse: Christie Cipriano

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SCHOOL “EXPECTATIONS” FOR ASHTON STUDENTS (Parents, please review our expectations with your child)
Ashton Students are…
Responsible and
Ready to Learn!!!!
Ashton School has adopted PBIS, a school-wide approach to behavior management. PBIS is a proactive approach to behavior management in which students are directly taught behavior expectations just as they are taught academic skills.
The Positives of School-wide Expectations:
Students know what is expected of them in all school settings.
Students are acknowledged for following the school-wide expectations.
There is consistency for students as all teachers and staff using the same language
and promoting the same expectations.
A PBIS referral form will be sent home for students not following our expectations. This
is our way of communicating with parents so that you may exercise appropriate parental
influence to ensure proper behavior in the future. 
Please sign the referral form and return it to school with your child.
Acknowledgement System 
Paws are used to acknowledge students who are following the school-wide expectations. White paws are used to acknowledge individual students and red paws are used to acknowledge whole classes. At times, students and classes may be acknowledged with “booster paws” that are different from the white paws in how much they are worth and color.
Once a week, students trade in their white paws to purchase items. Charm necklaces or special school events are just some of the things students can purchase. Each classroom sets classroom goals and incentives for earning red paws. Classes may earn acknowledgements such as extra recess, “Fun Friday” and homework passes just to name a few!
Please refer to our PBIS Teaching Matrix for additional information about our expectations and “Debugging” strategies.
School Colors: Students are encouraged to wear a Navy blue shirt or Ashton shirt and Tan pants, shorts or skirt every Friday to show their school spirit.

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Getting to School by Bus 


All students in grades K through 5 are picked up in the morning at their neighborhood bus stop. The time of the pick up will vary but it is usually between 8:20 a.m. and 8:40 a.m. Please go to the district website for specific information about bus assignments, times and bus stops;

For kindergarten a responsible adult should be present and visible when the bus arrives. If there is no one home, the bus will bring the child back to school and the school will try to contact the parent and arrange for an immediate pick up.


For information regarding the bus schedule, please call the bus company which is DURHAM BUS COMPANY and the telephone number is 334-3745 OR faxes them at 334-3775.

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School doors open at 8:45 a.m. Please do not drop your child off before 8:45 a.m. Students are dismissed at 3:25 p.m.  
For a detailed description of the updated drop off procedure please click here




Parents are asked to fill out a "dismissal plan" at the start of the year.  Students are required to bring a note to school if the dismissal arrangements are different on a given day from what it is on the dismissal plan. The note must also specify the name of the person picking up the child if the student is a walker. Students being picked up by parents or a designee will be dismissed from the gym hallway.

Parents must park on the blacktop near the playground and may enter the building through the gym double door. Parents are asked to wait outside the school until dismissal starts at 3:25pm (M, T, TR and F) or at 2:20pm during the early release on Wednesdays.  

Parents or adult designee must present an ID to the dismissal supervisor. 

Students will only be dismissed to the adults listed by the parent/guardian on the dismissal plan or note provided for dismissal.

Due to the increasing number of students with food allergies, we will NOT be celebrating birthdays in the classrooms. Any other classroom celebrations are coordinated through the room parent and the classroom teacher in order to monitor the food and comply with the District Wellness policy

Dear Parent/Guardian: Are you interested in becoming an Ashton School recess volunteer?  We currently have a need for a number of parent volunteers to spend time with the children during recess time.
Volunteers will work with the recess teacher, recess aides and the principal to insure a safe, well behaved and enjoyable recess time for all students. During recess volunteers are invited to organize games or activities that children might enjoy or just spend some time with talking to the children.
If you are interested and are available on a regular schedule, please complete and return the recess volunteer  form (click here).
Once a schedule is created to cover recess duty, you will be contacted to volunteer.
Thank You!


Whenever your child is absent or tardy from school you must call Ashton School at 333-0554 to report their absence,including the reason, child's teacher and grade the day prior or the day of their absence.  A doctor's note is required to mark any absence as excused.  Please click on the link below for a copy of the district's attendance policy with detail information on excused or unexcused absences:


If your child is tardy because of a medical/dental appointment, please provide the school with a doctor's note upon arrival. This will avoid the tardy as being recorded as unexcused.


Finally, A note must also be sent to the classroom teacher explaining the child's absence.




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