2017 PARCC Assessment Results Presentation


The Cumberland School System has made amazing academic strides in improving the level of education its students receive. Our goal is to be a top five performing district in the state regardless of our challenges. The teachers of this community should be thanked and appreciated for their dedication and effort. Without their investment, we don't achieve these impressive indicators of improvement. Ultimately, breaking into the TOP 10 in overall achievement in the state is validation for the students, families, and the town of Cumberland that student achievement is improving. Of the 34 districts with elementary, middle and high schools, Cumberland ranks 9th in both ELA and Mathematics in 2017 PARCC performance when compared to other districts including public charter school districts. Listed below is more information on the district's performance.

  • Three (3) years ago we were ranked in the top 50% of school districts in ELA and within that same three year period we were able to move into the top 26% of the state performance rankings -- from 17/34 to 9/34

  • Cumberland outperformed these neighboring districts in both ELA and Mathematics:  Blackstone Valley Prep, Lincoln and Smithfield.  

  • When comparing Cumberland’s three-year growth in ELA to the state’s three year trend, Cumberland's growth was four times greater than the state’s.

  • Cumberland’s growth in math was 11% over three years, nearly equal to the growth in ELA which was 12%.

  • Cumberland’s 2017 ELA performance increased when compared to 2016. Cumberland’s 2016  ELA ranking was 13/34 as compared to 9/34 in 2017.  The districts we outperformed in 2017 when compared to 2016 were BVP, Lincoln, Portsmouth and Smithfield.

  • Cumberland’s PARCC performance in ELA and Math shined in the northern part of the state. In math Cumberland outperformed all northern RI communities and in ELA Cumberland outperformed all but North Smithfield.

  • When comparing Cumberland’s three-year growth to the state’s three year trend, Cumberland's growth was four times greater than the state’s.

The PARCC results presentation to the School Committee on September 28, 2017 follows.


PARCC Presentation Link


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