Cumberland High School designated as a concurrent enrollment partner of distinction with Rhode Island College.

98% of kids who take the classes earn credit while at CHS

CUMBERLAND _ Cumberland High School, fast becoming one of the state's leader's in overall high school excellence, continues to add to its collection of accolades and recognition with news that Rhode Island College is the latest to praise both the quality of teacher and the subject matter taught at the school.

On Wednesday, Superintendent Phil Thornton and CHS Principal Alan Tenreiro received notification from Rhode Island College of the school's latest distinction.

"Congratulations" states Holly L. Shadoian, Rhode Island College's assistant vice president for academic affairs and enrollment management. "Cumberland High School has earned distinction as a concurrent enrollment partner with Rhode Island College. This speaks to the quality of your school's curriculum and teachers."

CHS's designation as a concurrent enrollment partner with Rhode Island College means 98% of Cumberland High School students taking early enrollment courses earned transferable college credit from classes taken at CHS.

"Earning college credit benefits high school students academically and financially," Ms. Shadoian stated in the notification letter. "Why is this beneficial? RI students taking AP exams are not earning college credits at the same rate as their New England counterparts. In 2013, only 14.6% of students statewide scored a 3 or higher on the AP exams."

That was not the case in Cumberland, where 98% of high school students earned transferable college credit.  

"This speaks to the quality of teacher in our classrooms and what we're teaching," said Mr. Tenreiro. "I'm pleased but not surprised by how much our students are excelling academically. It is not unlike how well our kids do athletically, artistically, and in dozens of other ways."

More important, Mr. Tenreiro said, is the fact CHS is saving parents and students money in college tuition. "Some people don't realize that when you earn college credit in high school, it is one less class you have to take, one less course you have to pay for in terms of your tuition, to earn your degree. That's thousands of dollars."

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