Clipper Pride Rising - Class of 2016

Congratulations to the Class of 2016

Every year, Cumberland High School produces hundreds of skilled, adventurous, amazingly talented, and intelligent graduates. Some are headed out into the workforce, some are joining the military, and some are headed to college or technical school. Every one is unique and special.

High school life in Cumberland is not just about good grades, great athletic achievements, or artistic accomplishments. It’s also about epitomizing what we at CHS call “Clipper Pride Rising”: Demonstrating leadership when no one else is watching and making quiet contributions toward classmates. And sometimes, it’s just about the way students go about their day, in their own way, every day for the past four years. In short, it’s about Academic Achievement, Respect, Responsibility, and Success.

Every member of the Class of 2016 has a story to tell about their last four years, advice to give incoming freshmen, a shout out to give to a teacher who inspired them, and a plan for future success in life. Here are a few such stories from our graduates.

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Musical math teacher Michael Dansereau named the 2016 Honey Dew Donuts® Teacher of the Year

Honey Dew Donuts® Surprises Cumberland High School Teacher with $5,000 Grant
Musical math teacher Michael Dansereau named the 2016 Honey Dew Donuts® Teacher of the Year!

Plainville, MA—Honey Dew Donuts® is proud to award Michael Dansereau with the first ever Honey Dew Donuts Teacher of the Year Award! Dansereau was surprised while teaching class at Cumberland High School (CHS) on Wednesday June 8th, with a grant for $5,000,  a certificate of recognition, Honey Dew treats for his classroom, and a large round of applause from Honey Dew President, Richard Bowen; Honey Dew staff; Cumberland High School Principal, Alan Tenreiro; and CHS faculty and staff members. Also in attendance was Karin Dion, the student who nominated Dansereau in February for the award. As an added ‘perk’, Dansereau also received a Honey Dew gift card to keep for himself. The school was also given a Honey Dew gift card as well to be used for school events.

Dansereau is currently in his sixth year as a mathematics teacher for grades 10 through 12 at Cumberland High School. In his application, Dansereau describes himself as a music lover who plays in a reggae band and was voted CHS’s “Most Talented Faculty Member”. His contributes to the math department not only as a beloved teacher, but also by creating and implementing programs such as the first ever Numeracy class at CHS, and Financial Algebra which he describes as a real world algebra class that deals with credit card debts, stock markets, savings and loans. He says that his biggest challenge is “making math accessible and enjoyable as math is feared and despised by the majority of students that enter my classroom.” By making it more enjoyable, he goes on to say that he puts in effort to connect with his students and putting their worries about math to ease. Some of the things he will do include cooking for his students, telling horrible jokes and playing music. Out of the classroom, he supports his students by attending sporting events, musicals and art exhibits.

“We are very proud to present this award to Mr. Dansereau for his outstanding commitment and support to his students and school. His ability to teach one of the hardest subjects ever known (Math), all while generating interest and seeing positive results speaks volumes to the kind of asset he is to the school community, “ said Honey Dew Donuts® Founder and Owner Richard Bowen. “All of the applications we received reflected the selfless nature that so many teachers possess. The stories of the nominees were all very inspiring and motivating. We hope to continue with this program for years to come.”

In her nomination, Karin Dion says “Dansereau has by far made the biggest impact on my high school career…and is one of the most kindhearted and welcoming teachers.”

In February 2016, Honey Dew Donuts announced the contest and asked parents, students and Honey Dew customers all around Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire to submit their nomination for a teacher they felt deserved this award. The Award included a $5,000 grant to be used towards to use of the school and/or student body at the discretion of the winning teacher. Once all nominations were received, Honey Dew notified the nominated teachers and asked them to complete an application. At the end of May, the applications were then reviewed by a panel of judges, comprised of local community leaders, and ultimately only one would be chosen the winner. Honey Dew received over 40 applications.

What does Dansereau plan to do with the $5,000 grant? He says he wants to improve the condition of the auditorium stage for school performances, as well as update the musical instrument inventory at Cumberland High School.

McCourt Middle School Band and Chorus receive awards

On Friday, June 3rd, the Joseph L. McCourt Middle School's band and chorus competed in the "Music In The Parks" festival in Springfield, MA.  The McCourt Middle School Chorus, under the direction of Shannan Davis, received a Superior rating and trophy.  The McCourt Middle School Band, under the direction of Paul Bowser, received a Good rating and a trophy.  The group then spent the afternoon at Six Flags New England.